About Us

Imagine a place where creative energy thrives and grows; Where talent can come together as a community to inspire freedom of expression and transform the world. CreativesMX is that place.

CreativesMX is a new platform representing the best of the creative economy. We are a passionate group of artists, entertainers, innovators and entrepreneurs, connecting creativity, culture, and commerce through networking events, meets and marathons.

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We seek to bring together the best creative minds from all disciplines:

Film/TV/New Media
Visual Arts
Literature & Publishing
Media & Advertising
Tech & Gaming
Fashion Design
Culinary & Healing Arts

How CreativesMX Works

We bring together the best creative minds through meets, marathons, and conferences.

Whether you are a screenwriter working on your next film or a tech guru developing the next big app, there is a place for you at CreativesMX. Our platform not only helps you to cultivate your creative energy, but it also puts you in the mix with other influencers, to help bring your idea to the next level. CreativesMX provides professional development and dynamic growth opportunities for its members. Stay in the loop with all our latest projects!

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