CreativesMX Takes On SXSW ’17

Team Building at fiberflame

And what a wonderful team we are….

Walking into fiberflame brings out my inner child like no other place.


Their modern building welcomes you with a small retail space filled with carefully chosen items in all price ranges, their buyer has excellent taste. The space opens into a walk-in studio with walls lined with shelves full of craft supplies neatly organized into bins, jars and boxes. As I was the first one there I had a chance to really take in their collection of paints, beads, stamps, felt, sequins, pottery and wooden figures to decorate… any crafting supply you can name, fiberflame has it. Heather, our host for the evening, was more than happy to show me around the space. They also have an upstairs room for more private parties or classes; and this evening a music lesson was just finishing up.

Cheryl from Black Eyed Suzies made our food delivery right on time. This unique caterer is not to be missed if you are ever in Ulster county. We had warm honey pretzel bites with dijon dipping sauce, roasted vegetable finger sandwiches with pesto, the most amazing chicken salad finger sandwiches I have ever had. At Black Eyed Suzies they smoke their chicken first, then serve the sandwiches with just a little arugula. Simple and perfect. We also sampled their apricot, goat-cheese and thyme tartlettes.

As thecreativesmx team trickled in; our founder, Tiombe, explained that we would be participating in a fun team building exercise. That we were each to pick a blank box to decorate, and that whoever decorated theirs the best would win a gift certificate to fiberflame! Having been there for about an hour already I couldn’t wait to jump right in and make mine.


It was so much fun seeing what everyone on our team came up with, what everyone’s unique style was, and we had a chance to really get to know one another on a personal level, something that can be a challenge when most of the team works remotely.


Our contest was a tie; Evangeline and myself split the prize, and Heather was kind enough to let us stay those few extra minutes to shop a bit before we left. Thank you fiberflame and Black Eyed Suzies!

CreativesMX Visits Northern Farmhouse Pasta!

Lynn Copeland

The wonderful staff of Northern Farmhouse Pasta hosted our meet up this month where creatives in Sullivan County met to collaborate and discuss the best ways to beef up their presentation.

On the beautiful drive out to Roscoe, NY I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had spoken with Bob Eckert, the owner, over the phone to book the evening, but hadn’t had a chance to witness first hand what a warm welcome his space was after the long drive. This venue is full of rustic charm; including spaces for local artists to display their work, farmhouse seating, personalized menus for our event, and water served in mason jars. Bob gave me a tour of his bright kitchen, and it was nice to see that he had kept things simple. It really showed that there is no need to have expensive equipment to have a successful business in the culinary arts.

Our menu included an appetizer of portabello mushrooms sauteed in garlic and served with garlic bread, and was paired with an amber ale from the Roscoe Beer Company that was available to attendees throughout the meal. Our dinner menu for the evening offered attendees a choice of ricotta stuffed cavatelli with bolognese, garganelli with broccoli rabe sauteed in garlic and olive oil, or cherry-wood smoked mushroom ravioli in a vodka sauce. In case deciding between these three amazing offerings proved to be too difficult, we were able to have a sample of each dish.

Northern Farmhouse PastaAs we ate, Bob told us the inspiring story of how he went from working in the construction industry in New York City to working with Martha Stewart, ShopRite, and having a possible future with the Food Network. He also described his approach to creating his product, with the focus being supporting his local community. All of the ingredients are locally sourced. He spoke to those challenges, including the decision to use locally sourced organic wheat for his pasta as opposed to the usual semolina. The difference in taste was a wonderful deviation from your standard Italian eatery.