Arts & Health Intersection

There is an intersection of the arts and culture / health and human services; which is broader than the more commonly known “Arts and health” where the impact of art therapy in medicine has long been established.

What are innovating are partnerships that foster the well being of a community’s health. Cleveland’s “Creative Minds in Medicine” showcases the many ways arts and culture contribute to healthcare practice and human services delivery including:

  • The infusion of arts and culture in, or the design of, settings where healthcare and medical treatment are given to individuals.
  • The engagement of individuals and communities in arts and culture activities and therapies for the promotion of broader clinical and general wellness outcomes.
  • The ability of arts and culture to strengthen social ties and serve as a rallying point from which communities can address public health and social equity issues.
  • The enrichment of medical training programs through the integration of arts and culture.

If you would like to contribute your creativity to develop best practices in this area, please join the conversation by emailing us with “Arts & Health Intersection” in the subject line.